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DRV8825 stepper motor driver

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DriverArduinoMotorNEMA 17Bemærkning
EN-!Enable, pull high for emergency stop
M0-Microstep Resolution bit 0 LSB
M1-Microstep Resolution bit 1
M2-Microstep Resolution bit 2 MSB
Rst5v-Reset When this pin is pulled LOW, all STEP inputs are ignored
Slp5v-Sleep. Pull down to save power, when motor is not used
DirD2-Direction. Pulling. HIGH turns the motor clockwise, pulling LOW turns it counterclockwise.
FltStel-!Faut LOW whenever FETs are disabled as the result of over-current protection or thermal shutdown
A26Motor coil B top
A13Motor coil B bund
B14Motor coil A top
B21Motor coil A bund
Gnd-Motor stel
Vmot-Motor supply 8.2 to 45 volt

M0, M1, M2 pins are pulled LOW by on-board pull-down resistors.

M0M1M0Microstep Resolution
LowLowLowFull step
HighLowLowHalf step
LowHighLow1/4 step
HighLowLow1/8 step
LowLowHigh1/16 step
HighLowHigh1/32 step
LowHighHigh1/32 step
HighHighHigh1/32 step